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Martin Dutton

I have been compulsively making pictures for sixty three years now, and my zeal is unabated! My work is multifaceted and I am interested in many aspects of the creation of visual images. Over the years this diversity of ideas and subject matter has resolved itself into the identification of different "themes" in my working process - different starting points, different final aims. I work on an individual theme for as long as the creative flow is alive or until the activity is interrupted by life’s events and personal circumstances. After the interruption I will often return to a previous theme which will, in turn, follow it’s own unpredictable time scale.

My Venice theme has continued for many years and has involved many visits to that glorious city in the lagoon. The early representational paintings have, since my wife died, become more subjectively abstract recalling the wonderful experiences we had in Seranisimo.

The oil pastels, shown on the website, are part of my "In-situ painting" theme which has continued throughout my painting life. Most of my work outdoors is done in oils, the use of pastels is a fairly recent indulgence. Working in the landscape trying to capture the essential visual and sensory aspects of the subject within the timescale and physical demands of in-situ work, has a particular appeal to me.

The flower paintings come from a theme some years ago when my wife liked to fill Yorkshire chimney pots with burgeoning blooms of flowers, I loved to paint them and she used the paintings as house decoration! A happy joint enterprise. This is the first time the paintings have been exhibited.Other themes include intuitive abstract painting which is a development from my "Linear Abstracts" which was a dominant aspect of my work when we lived in Yorkshire.

I have been an elected member of the South West Academy for a number of years, am a recently retired President of Teignmouth Art Society, and Vice- President of Devon Art Society. I have held numerous solo exhibitions and have work in collections in the UK and abroad. I welcome visits to my own house cellar gallery in Maidencombe.

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