A Year From My Erasmus - Eva Buongiorno


Thanks to my Erasmus + 2016 experience in Torquay, in the South of England I have had the chance to realize how I am deeply passionate about art, in all its forms.

During my four-week work placement at Artizan Gallery, I entered a world where creativity and colours are the centre around which everything revolves.


The aim of the business where I worked for four exciting weeks is to promote and support local artists in the area of Torbay and South Devon, as well as playing a vital role in the cultural landscape of these attractive tourist destinations.

A year after my experience, I look back on how I loved working there. I am immeasurably grateful to Julie and Jacob for the time I have spent with them, and that I would live again instantly.


This year, my classmates and I had the opportunity to arrange a real art exhibition inside our institute “Jacopo Sansovino”- funded by the fund of the Erasmus + project - to promote to students, teachers and everybody who will ever admire it, the important role of art.

“Declinazioni della Modernità” (Declinations of Modernity) is the title of this project born as an interdisciplinary learning unit proposed by the professor of history of art, which has involved, in addition to the artistic discipline, the Italian, English and German language and has led to the realization of the exhibition.


What we have created is not just a fine exposition, but it is the result of our personal analysis and interpretation of twenty-nine
paintings chose among the wide artistic production of the first two decades of the twentieth century.

Each work, hanging on the walls of some corridors and stairways of the school, is explained to the public thanks to small labels and the seven essays written by us introduce the themes in which the works are grouped: "That scandalous nakedness," "The faces of the city”, “From primitive to modern”, “Cursed artists", "Action and rebellion", " Contemporary anxiety and disquiet" and "From mimesis to abstraction".


With the realization of this exhibition we have tried to raise awareness and educate the public towards the inestimable value of the world's artistic heritage.

I think that when we talk about art we are not talking about something superficial or understandable just from a few elitist niches.
Art is the highest form of expression of human genius, a coloured reflection of what is trapped inside our soul and of how we perceive what surrounds us.


I really hope that in the future the significant role art plays in our lives will be understood by more and more people, because, as Picasso said:
 "Art has the extraordinary power to shake from the soul the dust accumulated in everyday life."

And I think nobody would want to live a dusty life.

Eva Buongiorno 

Italian student