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I was Born in London and moved to Torbay with my family when I was 18.  I have been married to Keith for  27 years and we have a wonderful 20 year old son .

My love for painting began in childhood but I only started to paint seriously about eight years ago when as an art specialist, teaching  in a primary school, I was inspired to begin painting seriously. Up until that time, as an artist,  I had been self taught but  in order to become better at teaching it I went back to college to study fine art.

Five years ago I started my own business running children’s art clubs and holiday workshops and my passion was fired. The children were having so much fun! I found that when I wasn’t teaching it I was doing it!  I have dabbled in many different mediums including textiles and printmaking, but find the vibrant colour and exciting textures I can achieve in oils and acrylics allow me to create spontaneous and uplifting responses to the countryside which inspires me.

My daily journey between Totnes and Paignton provides inspiration all around, in meadows, hedgerows, fields and the distant sea views. Over the last few years I have travelled to some beautiful places both in Europe and further afield, most recently a trip to the stunning Caribbean. I  always find each journey provides new inspiration and a desire to capture the essence of the places I have visited through my paintings.

My love for working with children means that I continue to teach art in primary school and work as a visiting artist as well as running workshops from my studio in Torquay.  However busy life gets though I always, find the time for painting,  whenever and wherever I can!




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